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Great news! Classes start next week and there's still time to enroll.

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#college #animalscience #business #legal #medical #skilledtrades #sctoday

Marlaine Zitkewicz, NRCMA, Medical Assistant Program Chair- Brecksville Campus

Meet Marlaine Zitkewicz, NRCMA, Medical Assistant Program Chair //Externship Coordinator at the Brecksville Campus.  Marlaine believes Medical Assistants are the heart of any medical practice - they are the first and last staff member that a patient interacts with at an appointment.  As a medical assistant, you have many different patients with different issues, but there is nothing more satisfying than being a part of that care.

Veterinary Technician Student Experiences

Students appreciate the variety of experiences in our Veterinary Technician program.  Here are just a few photos from the recent classroom and field trips at Stautzenberger College’s Brecksville Campus.

  • Shark Tank
  • Museum
  • Reptile Rescue & Education Center
  • Turbo Bath – Lab
  • Feeding Stingrays
  • Aquarium

Call today to request a tour of the campus, talk to our instructors and meet fellow students. 

Instructor David Denovchek - Veterinary Technician AAS Program - Brecksville Campus

Meet David Denovchek, Veterinary Technician AAS Program Program Chair for the Brecksville Campus. From a young age, David always showed a natural love for animals - always going out of his way to interact with any furry, scaly or interesting creature that crossed his path.  While marine life was especially interesting to him, he found he had an irrational aversion to open bodies of water, so he directed his love of animals to all land-bound types.

The Countdown Begins for the July 18th Start

Registration for the July 18th start is closing soon.  Our career, admission and financial aid representatives are available to assist you.  Choose from diploma and degree programs offered on campus and online. Classes are small, providing individualized instruction from our experienced, caring instructors. Whether you are preparing for your first career or feel ready for change, we are here to help you succeed.

As part of the Stautzenberger College family, you could enjoy these benefits:

We Proudly Present Surgical Technician Graduate Amanda Sours

Amanda Sours is not your typical beginning student.  A mother of three, she chose to return to school to make a change in her life for herself and her children.  It was important to her to be a role model to her children - showing them that even though she worked full-time, she was able to make time for things that mattered.  She also thanks her instructors Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Giovanolli for the inspiration they gave through the program and Mrs. Hermiller for building her confidence so she could finish the program strong.

We Proudly Present Cannabis Dispensary Administration Graduate Eulana Wright

“She believed she could, and she did!!”  We couldn’t be prouder of our first graduate from our new Cannabis Dispensary Administration program.  Eulana followed her passion to help people find relief from chronic pain.  She worked through Covid symptoms and never gave up - even when it was rough!  Congratulations to our pioneer graduate!!