Where Are They Now - Chelsea Marshall Animal Welfare Management

Where Are They Now - Chelsea Marshall Animal Welfare Management
On March 01, 2023

“I love my job.  I love that I love my job.” says Chelsea Marshall, 2022 graduate of Stautzenberger College Online’s Animal Welfare Management Program.

Chelsea always knew her passion for animals was where she wanted to take her career but admits making the choice to enroll in school was difficult.

“Being older and having kids made school intimidating.” says Chelsea. “However, I was more than ready to pursue my career and start doing something I’m passionate about. The program at Stautzenberger helped me have a deeper understanding of animal needs.”

In 2022, Chelsea graduated with honors from the Animal Welfare Management program.

During the program she learned:

  • The nature and process of animal shelter medicine, infectious disease, animal anatomy and physiology.
  • Coping techniques to improve and control animal behavior and animal enrichment.
  • Common veterinary terminology and procedure.
  • Proper facility management, volunteer management and customer service.

Where is she now?

Chelsea is one of a select few to capture a position with the Toledo Zoo as a Snooze Guide.  She hosts families and groups for an inside look at the zoo after hours.

“My education made it possible to get a position at the zoo (Toledo Zoo) and to be able to continue my education further.  I’m working on my BS-Wildlife Conservation through another school which wouldn’t have been possible without Stautzenberger.”  

What is Animal Welfare Administration?

Love animals? Well, Animal Welfare Administration may offer the perfect career choice. Animal Welfare Administration is essential for the well-being of pets everywhere and caring for animals when owners or former owners cannot. Animal Welfare Administration involves:

  • Learning how animals cope with the conditions of their environment.
  • Gauging animal welfare, identifying potential risks to animals and mitigating those risks.
  • Fully understanding the essentials of animal care such as health & nutrition, animal ethics & law and pet behavior characteristics.
  • Providing customer service to pet owners through outstanding shelter management and client communications.
  • Improving the lives of the animals under your care.

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