Staff Spotlight - Danielle Mendenhall, RVT, FFCP, Veterinary Technician Program Chair

Staff Spotlight - Danielle Mendenhall, RVT, FFCP, Veterinary Technician Program Chair
On March 09, 2023

For Danielle Mendenhall, there is nothing she takes more pride in than teaching Stautzenberger College’s Veterinary Technician students.  “It is truly an honor to be able to stand in front of the next generation of Veterinary Technicians and deliver their education.” says Danielle. “I get to experience my students' "firsts" and be their number one supporter.”

Like many of her students, Danielle’s love of animals started young.  “I had a dog named Daisy who was diagnosed with diabetes when I was a teenager, and it sparked my interest in patient care within veterinary medicine. To be a veterinary technician, you must accept that it is not just a career, but a lifestyle. I wanted to ensure I am taking the best care of not only my animals, but every animal I encounter. It is rewarding, honest, and hard work.”

Danielle has been successfully pursuing her passion to help animals and their owners since graduating from Kent State University in 2017.  She's worked in various practices throughout the area in the roles of supervisor, technician and assistant.  She is also a graduate of Stautzenberger College’s Animal Welfare diploma program.

“I enrolled in the Animal Welfare Diploma Program because I wanted to further my knowledge in humane work and ethics. I continued my education with the Animal Welfare Business Administration Associate Degree because now that I have the medical and technical background, I wanted to get the "full effect" and learn the business side, too.”
Having been a student herself, Danielle knows the challenges that often come with getting through school. “I like to have one-on-ones with my students who may be struggling or feel as if they aren't doing their best work. We collectively pinpoint what is creating a disconnect and try to solve it as thoroughly as possible. I am grateful that my students feel comfortable enough to come to me when they are facing academic difficulties; some of my students even confide in me with their personal issues. That's how I know I chose the right career path.”

If you ask Danielle why to choose Stautzenberger College at Brecksville, her answer can be summed up with one word. Dedication.

“Stautzenberger has the most welcoming staff and faculty I have ever experienced. We are constantly bringing new ideas to the table, troubleshooting and solving matters, all while keeping the students' best interest in mind. Attending this college has been an incredible experience. The instructors for my personal education here have been very knowledgeable, inviting, and considerate. We have an outstanding team that is strongly student oriented. I couldn't ask for better instructors or better coworkers.”

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