Where Are They Now - Brianna Stricklen Veterinary Technician

Where Are They Now - Brianna Stricklen Veterinary Technician
On February 01, 2023

It takes a special love for animals of all kinds to work in the Veterinary field. As recent Stautzenberger College graduate, Brianna Stricklen, knows, it is a passion fueled career.

“Just making the decision to enroll in the program at Stautzenberger was big for me,” says Brianna. “Veterinary medicine has always been my dream, so I made the jump and decided to follow my heart. It was the best choice I have ever made for myself.”

Helping animals in their critical hour of need is at the core of what a Veterinary Technician does. This hands-on profession, sometimes referred to as simply a Vet Tech or Veterinary Assistant, involves:

  • Providing critical support services for Veterinarians and animal hospital staff.
  • Participating in lab tests and sampling and ensuring equipment is ready for administering services.
  • Taking X-rays and performing physical exams prior to veterinary procedures.
  • Supervising and training personnel in the essentials of animal care.
  • Delivering exceptional customer service to pet owners.

Where is she now?

Brianna is a Veterinary Assistant at Dundee Veterinary Clinic in Dundee, Michigan.

“I really enjoy everything about my career. Although some days are tough, I would not change a single thing about the career path I chose and the work I am doing today.”

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