Paralegal Diploma Program

Paralegal Diploma Program

100% of the program is online - At Stautzenberger College, learning online doesn’t mean learning alone.  Read how we support our students.

What is a Paralegal?

Behind every successful verdict and in every area of law, a paralegal more than likely played a significant role in the outcome. Paralegals are indispensable members of the legal system and fulfill a number of essential roles in this fast-paced environment, including:
  • Providing tactical support to attorneys.
  • Researching legal precedent.
  • Preparing legal documents for court filings.
  • Organizing and Coordinating law office activities.
  • In some cases, investigative work.

What Career Options are Available as a Paralegal?

Paralegals fill a vital role in every area of law and may experience a wide variety of career paths throughout their career. Some paralegals will even go on to be lawyers themselves. Paralegals can be found in:
  • Defense Law Firms
  • Corporate Law Firms
  • International Law Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • And Much More

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Paralegals is projected to grow 14% in the US from 2021 to 2031.1

What You Will Learn in a Paralegal Program

Due to the highly competitive job market, one of the best ways is to become a Paralegal is through a diploma program. Such a program can be completed in just 10 months and provides essential information to launch your career such as:
  • Understanding fundamental computer software programs related to the legal field.
  • Law office terminology and typical procedural edict.
  • Legal research and writing techniques.
  • Civil litigation, torts, probate, criminal and family law basics.
  • Mock depositions to sharpen skills and become familiar with the courtroom environment.

Why Choose Our College

For over 90 years, Stautzenberger College has made a lasting impact on the students and community we serve by:
  • Making student success our #1 priority.
  • Designing courses that develop critical skill sets and expanding our student’s knowledge base for a life-time career.
  • Ensuring that the skills businesses need are the skills we teach.
  • Offering affordable programs that typically take less time to complete and have smaller class sizes than those of other schools.
  • Offering on-campus, hybrid, and completely online diploma and degree programs that provide more flexibility to fit your life-style.
  • Having the best career services team that has done the networking for you with numerous local employers and are here to help.

All of us at Stautzenberger College are here to help you succeed, whether it’s our free tutoring, helpful financial aid options, or connecting you with businesses for that great position. We are here to prepare you for quick entry into the workforce.

Financial Aid available to those who qualify.

Program length – 10 months

100% of the program is online

Offered at Campuses Near Cleveland and Toledo

This program is offered at both of our campus locations, making it convenient for people in both the greater Cleveland area and the greater Toledo area. Our Brecksville campus is located just minutes from downtown Cleveland. The Maumee campus sits just southwest of downtown Toledo.

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After you complete the Paralegal Diploma Program, you could continue with our online, 7-month Paralegal Associate Degree completion program.  That's only 17 months total to get an associate degree.

1, retrieved 3/27/2023.