Paralegal Diploma Program

Paralegal Diploma Program

Ever wonder what a day in a law firm is like?
With so much research to conduct and paperwork to complete, lawyers have dire need for paralegals. If you want to enter the legal profession but not attend law school, our paralegal studies diploma program may be the perfect starting point.

Our top ten reasons to become a paralegal:

  1. Assist people in need.
    ​You will be directly improving the lives of countless clients. Every night, you can go home assured that you've greatly helped someone.
  2. Bright job outlook.
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegal positions are expected to increase by fifteen percent between 2016 and 2026.1
  3. Fast-paced program.
    Paralegal schools have quick programs to get you into your new job faster, and our school is no exception. Receive your diploma in as little as ten months!
  4. Pride in your accomplishments. 
    You could be the person who dug up information needed to save someone from going to prison.
  5. Opportunities for further education.
    We also offer an associate's paralegal studies program that builds on the diploma courses to further strengthen you as a job candidate.
  6. Pick any type of law.
    Defense law is not your only option. Pick your employer from a multitude of law fields such as corporate law, international law, or education law.
  7. Hone your writing skills.
    Paralegals must complete a lot of paperwork, and this job will help you master professional writing.
  8. Become adept at research.
    The paralegal profession is research-intensive. If you are passionate about reading and sifting through new information, you'll love this career.
  9. Meet new clients.
    Your new job may allow you to meet the people involved with the case. You can get to know many new faces and improve your interpersonal skills.
  10. Great resume-booster.
    Many consider the legal field to be one of the most difficult professions. Taking our paralegal courses can show employers you're a focused, driven candidate.

The Paralegal Studies Diploma program provides students with an opportunity to gain knowledge in the Paralegal / legal secretary profession and to seek entry-level employment as paralegals in law offices and government agencies. The course work addresses the broad scope of current legal areas as well as principles of U.S. law, legal terminology and documentation, legal software, reasoning, research, writing skill development and professional standard and ethics. In addition to attending and participating in all courses, students will be required to complete out-of-class assignments.  These assignments may include reading, learning activities, problem solving, research projects and presentations. Students should expect out-of-class homework that equals at least two (2) hours of work for every one (1) hour of class lecture. Upon successful completion of the program (see graduation requirements section of the catalog), students could seek or obtain entry-level employment in a paralegal or paralegal-related field(s).

1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor.  (2017, October 24).  Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Paralegals and Legal Assistants.  Retrieved from

Program length – 10 months



Curriculum focuses on law office proceedings, as well as professional and ethical responsibilities. Students complete courses in computer software, office procedures, law office technology, legal terminology, legal research and writing, civil litigation, torts, probate, criminal and family law. Students also take classes in oral communication, written communication and social sciences to develop their interpersonal skills, customer focus and writing skills. Students participate in a mock deposition to utilize and sharpen their skills in a setting similar to what they might experience as legal professionals.

Also known as legal assistants, paralegals perform a variety of tasks to support lawyers, including maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research and drafting documents. The largest employers of legal assistants are law firms, but paralegals also work for in-house legal departments in the finance, insurance, consulting and healthcare sectors.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be 82,700 new job openings for paralegals between 2014 and 2024.1

1U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-2017 Edition, Paralegals, retrieved 4/26/16