High School Student Info

High school visit

Thinking about what comes after high school can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend you start thinking about your options before you need to make a decision. An education from Stautzenberger College can provide you with skills and knowledge to start an exciting new career – fast! Imagine, less than a year after graduation you could be starting a new career. Here are some suggestions to help you think about what comes after high school.  


  • Schedule a tour of the campus or attend an Open House. This is the best way to determine if you feel comfortable and if the campus offers a program of interest.
  • Make sure to complete your admissions interview when you meet with an Admissions advisor. Transcripts are often helpful but not required at this point.
  • Complete and submit your application as soon as possible. Often this can be completed the day of your interview.
  • Request official copies of your transcripts from your high school as soon as possible. If you have graduated early and are applying to a college before you have received your High School Diploma, you are going to need these.
  • Complete your FAFSA as soon as possible if you are applying for financial assistance.


  • Discuss your college plans with your support network. This could include your parents, teachers and guidance counselors.
  • Visit college websites and request information. Knowledge is power!
  • Arrange to visit as many colleges as you can that interest you. This way you're not scrambling your senior year. Attend a Stautzenberger College Open House.
  • Check out summer jobs and internships related to the field of study you want to pursue in college. You'll be ahead of the curve.
  • Attend college events in your area such as the college and education fairs.
  • Research loans, scholarships and grants. Don't forget your support network! Many businesses offer scholarships and grants that your network may know about.


  • What college your child chooses is an important decision. And the college they choose should coincide with the skills, talents and interests of your child. That is what will give them the in-demand skills that their chosen industry is looking for, and what will ultimately guarantee their success.

Teachers & Guidance Counselors
Providing students with classroom presentations can help them successfully navigate the various colleges and programs available to them. Some students may have a particular interest that they may not be aware could evolve into a successful career. Or they may not understand how accessible a college education can be. The Stautzenberger College Community Outreach Coordinator can visit your school or organization to discuss our college and its programs.

To arrange a visit, call 888.859.8225 or fill out the form linked above.