Why Hands-on Veterinary Technician Campus-based classes are better than online

Veterinary technicians typically work in private clinics and animal hospitals. They assist veterinarians in tasks such as conducting exams, administering medications and injections, and performing laboratory tests. If you are interested in becoming a veterinary technician, you will need to complete a two-year associate degree and pass a credentialing exam. You will also need to complete an externship, which is a campus-based program, and will be set up for you.

Staff Spotlight – Danielle Mendenhall RVT FFCP Veterinary Technician Program Chair
Staff Spotlight - Danielle Mendenhall, RVT, FFCP, Veterinary Technician Program Chair

For Danielle Mendenhall, there is nothing she takes more pride in than teaching Stautzenberger College’s Veterinary Technician students.  “It is truly an honor to be able to stand in front of the next generation of Veterinary Technicians and deliver their education.” says Danielle. “I get to experience my students' "firsts" and be their number one supporter.”

Where They Are Now – Chelsea Marshall Animal Welfare Management
Where Are They Now - Chelsea Marshall Animal Welfare Management

“I love my job.  I love that I love my job.” says Chelsea Marshall, 2022 graduate of Stautzenberger College Online’s Animal Welfare Management Program.

Chelsea always knew her passion for animals was where she wanted to take her career but admits making the choice to enroll in school was difficult.

Where They Are Now - Angela Hamilton Paralegal
Where Are They Now - Angela Hamilton Paralegal

Angela Hamilton is a proud Stautzenberger College graduate, not once, but two times over.

Angela completed her diploma as well as her associate degree in Paralegal Studies at Stautzenberger.

A U.S. Navy Veteran, Angela took advantage of her GI Bill benefits to assist her in reaching her educational goals.

Where They Are Now - Brianna Stricklen Veterinary Technician
Where Are They Now - Brianna Stricklen Veterinary Technician

It takes a special love for animals of all kinds to work in the Veterinary field. As recent Stautzenberger College graduate, Brianna Stricklen, knows, it is a passion fueled career.

Maumee Graduate Spotlight  Antoinette Goode
Maumee Graduate Spotlight Antoinette Goode

Antoinette Goode, Practical Nursing Graduate, is an overcomer. She dreamed of becoming a Nurse at an early age and faced family challenges along the way, but remained committed and earned no less than fifteen A’s in her program!