Best Jobs with an Associate Degree: Surgical Technology (Scrub Tech)

Surgical Technology Technician Team | Stautzenberger College Best Jobs with an Associate Degree: Surgical Technology (Scrub Tech)
On March 14, 2016

Many people who work in the medical field will agree that the operating room (OR) is one of the most exciting and rewarding work environments – and a Surgical Technician is an essential part of the dynamic OR team. The breadth of opportunities for career advancement, strong starting wages, and high job satisfaction makes Surgical Technology a strong nominee for Best Jobs with an Associate Degree!

What Does A Surgical Technician Do?
Often referred to as a “Scrub Tech”, “Surg Tech” or an “Operating Room Technician”, Surgical Technicians are highly skilled medical professionals who, along with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and registered nurses, play an important role on a surgical care team.

Surgical Technicians/Technologists enjoy diverse job duties including preparing the operating room suite. Surg Techs will typically work with the registered nurse to prepare the various sterile medical instruments, tools and sterile supplies needed prior to the commencement of surgery. A “Scrub” may also prepare patients for surgery, including positioning patients on the operating table and covering them with sterile surgical drapes to prevent exposure. The tech may also help the surgical team to “scrub in” and put on gloves, masks, and surgical clothing.

During a surgical procedure, the Surg Tech remains an integral and active part of the OR team by helping to maintain the sterile environment of the operating room and providing technical assistance to the surgeons, surgical nurses and anesthesiologists. In this setting, the Surgical Technician uses their technical knowledge to anticipate the medical staff’s needs and providing instruments, adjusting lights, holding tissue retractors, cutting sutures, operating specialized equipment, and handing sterile supplies and medications under the surgeon’s direction. After surgery, the Surgical Technician may also assist the patient by applying bandages and aiding in sterilization as directed by the surgeon. This allied health career certainly offers tremendous opportunity for varied and exciting duties.

Surgical Tech Salary, Earning Potential and Job Prospects
In addition to the benefit of experiencing a stimulating and diverse work environment, the field of Surgical Technology also offers strong starting wages with numerous opportunities for career growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites the median salary for a Surgical Technologist as $45,010.00 per year. In addition to a favorable starting wage and promising long-term earning potential, the field of Surgical Technology is rapidly growing, with projected growth of 30% from 2012 to 2022, which is nearly three times the median growth rate for all other occupations!

Demand For Surgical Technicians | Stautzenberger College

Additionally, occupational employment and wages statistics drawn from Bureau of Labor Statistics point to robust opportunities for the State of Ohio as it is ranks 5th in the nation for the highest employment levels for this occupation.

A promising job outlook for future Surgical Technicians is due in part to the overall trend of expansion occurring across of the entire healthcare industry coupled with the continuing emphasis on seeking out cost-effective medical technologies.

New and emerging innovations in surgical medical technology have made surgical treatment(s) safer to perform, and a range of supplementary operations/ procedures are being performed in greater numbers to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. There is also the added dynamic of a large baby-boom generation that comprises a larger and larger portion of the population and as these folks continue to age, they typically require more operations and also tend to be more amenable than those of previous generations to seek medical treatment to improve their quality of life. For these reasons the field of Surgical Technology is considered an in-demand allied health career!

Exciting and Fast-Paced Work Environment
Get bored easily? No worries here! If you prefer a busy professionally challenging work environment then this just might be the right career fit for you. Given the demanding nature of the operating room, surgical technologists often work in a fast paced hospital environment that requires them to work quickly and have a strong orientation to attention to detail particularly under pressure in stressful and emergency situations. Accordingly, a steady temperament and a strong sense of personal responsibility are qualities essential for success as a Surg Tech. Other suitable skills and qualities include dependability, the ability to multi-task, and ultimately possess a strong desire to help others.

Becoming a Surgical Technologist professional is a great way to truly make a difference in the lives of people on a daily basis and with the exciting earning potential and rapid growth projected for this career field, now is an ideal time to complete Surgical Technology training. At Stautzenberger College in Brecksville, Ohio we offer a two-year Academic Associate Degree Program in Surgical Technology that is dedicated to providing quality education for its students in order to promote excellence in this allied-health discipline.

The program has been carefully designed to blend didactic instruction, hands-on training in the lab and clinical work to ensure that learners develop the requisite knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to gain employment as entry-level surgical technologists and become contributing members of the multidisciplinary health care workforce. Contact Stautzenberger College, Brecksville today and begin your education and training to become a veterinary technician. Call toll free at 1-800-473-2997 or email to get started today.

Read more about Stautzenberger's Surgical Technology program here!

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Written by: John Girard
March 31, 2016

John Girard SCtodayJohn Girard has been the Campus President of Stautzenberger College, Brecksville Campus since 2012. John is an experienced educational leader with over 19 years of collaboratively leading growth, successfully improving student outcomes, and shaping a culture of excellence in the field of higher education.  He has held various roles in his career including instructional faculty, Dean of Student Services, Dean of Instruction, Dean of Academic Administration and Campus Director. John resides in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with his wife Tamara and their two children Jack & Jillian and his faithful dog, Zeus. Contact Stautzenberger College at 1-800-473-2997 or by e-mail at






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