Stautzenberger Students Give Back

Stautzenberger Students Give Back
On June 09, 2022

At Stautzenberger, our students are committed to not only furthering their knowledge but making a real impact on their world.  At our Maumee campus, staff, students and faculty hosted and ran a drive to provide supplies for one of our excellent partners, Lucas County Canine Care & Control.  Items were collected to benefit the dogs like blankets and towels.  But they also collected peanut butter, cheese, and hot dogs, and if you are a dog-lover, you know the importance of those items - a great place to hide medication for a beloved ill pet.

How can you be prepared for a Veterinary Technician career? Stautzenberger’s Externship

At Stautzenberger, we are committed to producing quality graduates.  Veterinary Technician is a full two-year associate's degree with many classes.  One of the most important classes you will take is our 280-hour externship - that’s a minimum of 280 hours in the office of a veterinarian after taking over 70 hours of instructional classes in veterinarian knowledge.  Our externship gives valuable, hands-on experience that is impossible to replicate in a classroom.

How can we offer a quality education? Stautzenberger’s Excellent Partners

Dr. Nick Sattelmaier of Lucas County Canine Care and Control is one of our excellent partners.  Lucas County Canine Care & Control “provides a safe environment for the citizens of Lucas County” by enforcing laws about canine control.  They do their best to reunite lost dogs with their rightful owners, find homes for lost dogs, and care for them with compassion.  The facility cares for around 300 dogs per month.

Not only does Dr. Sattelmaier have our students in the office for their externships, he also gives them extra practice by bringing in two to six dogs per week for spaying and neutering operations.  This allows our students to get hands-on experience before the externship.  Our students are allowed to prep and prepare the patient, help administer anesthesia, and monitor the patient through the entire operation and during recovery.

Why are these businesses willing to work with us? Stautzenberger’s Rigorous Classes

Quality graduates need quality classes and instructors.  Stautzenberger’s associate degree covers a multitude of necessary core credits like math and English.  More importantly, though, the classes include detailed knowledge on many facets of the required veterinary knowledge bank.  Classes include Radiology, a class about X-ray procedures and safety.  You will also take separate classes of Husbandry and Disease in both Small and Large animals - a class focused on prevention and treatment of diseases in animals.  And we don’t stop there - you will also take classes like Principles of Surgery, where detailed information about common surgeries is discussed including pre- and post-surgical care.

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