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We Proudly Present Practical Nursing Graduate Ashley King

Is your career what you always envisioned it would be? Ashley King knew since childhood that she wanted to be a nurse, and she decided to pursue that passion. After enrolling in Stautzenberger College's practical nursing program, Ashley studied diligently and completed hands-on training. She faced several struggles during her time in the program, such as raising four children as a single mother and mourning the passing of her father during her last term. However, she successfully graduated from the program and began a career doing what she loves.

National Financial Aid Day - October 19

National Financial Aid Day, October 19, 2020 recognizes the contribution of all financial aid staff who help students realize their college dreams.

FAFSA forms are not easy to comprehend, which is why our school has financial aid staff dedicated to assisting students complete these and other financial forms.  Do you need assistance seeing if you qualify for FAFSA, grants, scholarships, military options or other tuition assistance? Contact our admissions department, who will arrange an appointment for you to personally meet with a member of our financial aid team.

Study for a New Career You Could Love

How many hours have you been at work, wishing you were somewhere else? Think of how much time you have spent staring at the clock, listening to managers who do not care about your progress, living the same routine that you have never actually enjoyed. That's all time you could have used to train for a career you could love. Fortunately, every day is a chance to start on a new path. All of us here at Stautzenberger College are here to help you live out your full potential and find the career you have been seeking.