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Earning My Pin in Practical Nursing

My name is Jada. After I enrolled in Stautzenberger College's practical nursing program, students who were ready to graduate started talking about how excited they were to get their pins. I thought to myself, pins? What are pins? As I continued through the program, however, my heart began to desire the coveted pin as well.

What is a pinning ceremony? It is a symbolic welcoming of new graduates into the nursing profession. These nurses are presented with nursing pins by the nursing school faculty. To me, it meant “I made it.”

Online Programs

Stautzenberger College offers many different programs. Potential students are able to come in and take a tour of the campus to see what hands-on classes we have. However, not everyone has the freedom or ability to balance a schedule between work and school. Having an education is extremely important but so is having money to put food on the table, so striking that balance is difficult. Often times, going to college is more of an afterthought for people than a concrete plan because they just do not have the time or ability to take off work. But what if I told you that you could do BOTH?

Study for a New Career You Could Love

How many hours have you been at work, wishing you were somewhere else? Think of how much time you have spent staring at the clock, listening to managers who do not care about your progress, living the same routine that you have never actually enjoyed. That's all time you could have used to train for a career you could love. Fortunately, every day is a chance to start on a new path. All of us here at Stautzenberger College are here to help you live out your full potential and find the career you have been seeking.

Graduate Highlight - Talisha Bush - Practical Nurse

Does helping others come naturally and not feel like a chore? Would you rather be meeting new people every day and tending to their needs instead of being stuck behind a desk? If so, our practical nursing diploma program could be perfect for you! At Stautzenberger College, we prepare students like Talisha B. for a career that rewards not only themselves but also every patient with whom they interact.

Job Placements as Veterinary Technician and Medical Assistant

Stautzenberger College – Maumee Campus

Get an education at a college with a proven placement record: Stautzenberger College.

This week, many recent graduates became employed in their fields!  We are very proud of our students' successes. Whether you are a current student or not, we hope that this list inspires you to start or continue your career journey.

Congratulations to the following graduates:

Job Placements as a Veterinary Technician

* Shaylyn L - Temperance Animal Hospital
*Jessica K - Sylvania Vet