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Graduate Highlight - Veterinary Technician Program - Katlyn Gagnon

“If you don't believe in yourself, nobody will.”

This was the motto that Katlyn Gagnon lived by as she progressed through Stautzenberger College's veterinary technician program. Her passion for animals inspired her to begin her journey at Maumee campus, and support from her instructors kept her motivated. “Renee Vollmar, Assistant Chair of the Veterinary Technician Program, always challenged me to be my best!” said Ms. Gagnon.

Graduate Highlight - Medical Assistant Program - Lauren Rico

Forced from her home, Lauren Rico desired a better career but could barely stay afloat, even with two jobs. Stautzenberger College's medical assistant program was just what Ms. Rico was seeking. Between her classroom lessons at Maumee campus and externship at Spring Valley OBGYN/PEDS, she learned how to provide excellent patient care. Not only would a medical assistant career put her in a better place financially, it would allow her to live out her passion of helping others.

Instructor Highlight: Diane Porter RN BSN CCRN - Nursing Program

At the age of four, wearing a Halloween costume she had asked her grandmother to make, Diane Porter was certain that nursing was her calling. She spent her youth bandaging dolls and stuffed animals; working in the lab, pharmacy, and medical ward as a candy striper; and joining the Future Nurses of America Club. In high school, she even took four challenging years of Latin to prepare for her future career.

Instructor Highlight: Dr. Tiffany Cole, Veterinary Technician Program, Maumee Campus

Cat fangs. All it took was one television program about large cats to spark Tiffany Cole's passion for animals. Researching cat dental diseases for a high school biology project, she found herself becoming more interested and studying animals extensively. She soon realized that she could spend the rest of her life engrossed in the topic of animal health. Following her teacher's advice, she decided to pursue a career in the veterinary field.

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“Isn't it time to do something you love?” The television hummed another advertisement, but this time I did not tune out. I watched the Stautzenberger College commercial play, the sound of my drumming fingers reverberating through the otherwise vacant house. 

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