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Study for a New Career You Could Love

How many hours have you been at work, wishing you were somewhere else? Think of how much time you have spent staring at the clock, listening to managers who do not care about your progress, living the same routine that you have never actually enjoyed. That's all time you could have used to train for a career you could love. Fortunately, every day is a chance to start on a new path. All of us here at Stautzenberger College are here to help you live out your full potential and find the career you have been seeking.

Graduate Highlight - Talisha Bush - Practical Nurse

Does helping others come naturally and not feel like a chore? Would you rather be meeting new people every day and tending to their needs instead of being stuck behind a desk? If so, our practical nursing diploma program could be perfect for you! At Stautzenberger College, we prepare students like Talisha Bush for a career that rewards not only themselves but also every patient with whom they interact.

Job Placements as Veterinary Technician and Medical Assistant

Stautzenberger College – Maumee Campus

Get an education at a college with a proven placement record: Stautzenberger College.

This week, many recent graduates became employed in their fields!  We are very proud of our students' successes. Whether you are a current student or not, we hope that this list inspires you to start or continue your career journey.

Congratulations to the following graduates:

Job Placements as a Veterinary Technician

* Shaylyn L - Temperance Animal Hospital
*Jessica K - Sylvania Vet

Graduate Highlight - Veterinary Technician Kayle Phillips

Unsure of where you may live in the future? We help students like Kayle Phillips prepare for careers that could be as flexible as they are.

Do you love to travel? Are you unsure of where you might live five years from now? At Stautzenberger College, we help students prepare for new careers that could be as flexible as they are. Recent graduate Kayle Phillips is taking the experiences she gained through the veterinary technician program with her as she relocates. 

New Year's Resolution 2019

Do you have a New Year's resolution? With 2019 only a few days away, now is a great time to consider what improvements could be made to your professional life. Whether you are looking to switch careers or advance in your current field, Stautzenberger College is ready to assist you. Here's how a career resolution could help you this year:

Graduate Highlight - Medical Assistant Program - Chasity Massey

It's one of the busiest times of the year! With the holidays here and a new year just around the corner, your schedule may be booked with plans with family and friends. Are you dreading returning to work once it ends? Maybe you are spending the holidays working and want a new career that affords you more time with loved ones? At Stautzenberger College, we offer programs to help many students, such as graduate Chasity Massey, reach their desired careers.

Graduate Highlight - Medical Assistant Program - Shanikqua Coogler

“Never stop, even when everything seems to be crumbling.”

Shanikqua Coogler knew first-hand what this phrase meant when she said it. When Ms. Coogler was only sixteen, her mother passed away. Even though she was young, Ms. Coogler believed that if she had known what to do, she might have been able to prevent this tragedy. This conviction led her to pursue a career as a medical assistant.