Addiction Counseling Program Now has a 100% Online Option

Addiction Counseling Program Now has a 100% Online Option
On May 21, 2020

Thank you for making our 9-month Addiction Counseling Technician Diploma Program so well-received in your community.  Many of you requested a 100% online version and we are pleased to say this is now an option!  

Please share this with family or friends who may be interested in this new, rewarding career path. 

Remember, you may obtain an Associate Degree after completing any diploma program offered at Stautzenberger College.  After completing your 9-month Addiction Counseling program, you could continue with our 7-month Healthcare Administration Associate Degree Program.

Addiction Counseling Program Focus

How do addiction counseling technicians help those struggling to recover from substance use and abuse? One method that addiction counseling technicians often employ is called “motivational interviewing.” Psychology Today states that motivational interviewing “helps people resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities to find the internal motivation they need to change their behavior. It is a practical, empathetic, and short-term process that takes into consideration how difficult it is to make life changes."1 At Stautzenberger College, you could learn how to use this technique to assist others in your community.

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