We Proudly Present Surgical Technology Graduate Germille Rahman

We Proudly Present Surgical Technology Graduate Germille Rahman
On May 10, 2022

“You can do whatever you put your mind to”.  These words guided Surgical Tech Graduate Germille Rahman to her new career.  As a 40-year-old single mother-of-two with an ailing mother to take care of herself, she stated “failure was not an option”.  She rose to the occasion at Stautzenberger - expanding on the knowledge she’s already gained by being in the medical field since she was 17 years old.

What you Learn in Surgical Technology

Surgical Tech is a full Associate’s program, so while you learn specialized knowledge about surgical procedures, you also learn typical general education requirements like History of American Government and Life Sciences.  More importantly, you are introduced to the specific knowledge you need for success as a Surgical Technician with classes like Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Operating Room Skills, and Clinical Externships.  In these classes, you will learn:

  • A history of the laws we’ve used to govern on local, state and federal levels
  • A general knowledge of biological science with a focus on interdependence of various organisms and the environment
  • An in-depth study of cellular structures, tissues, and division
  • A continuing study of the structure of the organs and the body
  • Instruction on correct pre- and post- operative procedures
  • A detailed experience in the field where you begin by observing then move to performing under supervision in the operating room

How Our Graduate Became a Surgical Technician

If you like a fast-paced environment and the ability to help people, check out our Surgical Technology program.  A Stautzenberger Associate prepares you for an entry-level career in hospitals.

Stautzenberger’s Surgical Technician Associate's Program at a Glance

Program Length: 18 months
Learning Environment: blended - online/on-campus/Externship
Link for Surgical Technology Lead Instructor
Job Outlook: 9% job growth over the next 10 years, equating to around 9,500 jobs added yearly1

Find out more about our Surgical Technology Associate's program today. Call 888.859.8225 or submit the Request Information form on our website. We are ready to assist you with completing the enrollment process, navigating your financial aid options, finding a tutor, practicing your interviewing skills, connecting with local employers, and more. Have the courage to accomplish your academic and professional goals!

1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Surgical Technologists,
at https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/surgical-technologists.htm (visited April 19, 2022).

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