Grant Money for Stautzenberger College Students!

Greg Gettum from Zepf Center | Stautzenberger College Grant Money for Stautzenberger College Students!
On April 08, 2016

At Stautzenberger College, we strive to serve our students and employers with both existing and new approaches so that our students are successful. When local non-profit, The Zepf Center, walked into Stautzenberger College to inform us they successfully received grant money with the purpose to empower low income individuals through education and training, we listened.  This $15 million grant money’s is to empower low-income individuals through education in healthcare.  We, as educational leaders, must challenge ourselves daily to serve our students and connecting our Medical and Practical Nursing students to this grant was a perfect fit! Through the Zepf Center, Stautzenberger College is now an official educational partner with the Northwest Ohio Pathway to Healthcare Careers (NOPHC).  This partnership has three strategic approaches.

  1. Current Medical & Practical Nursing Students – They can potentially gain grant money for tuition, bus passes, gas cards, and day care.
  2. Potential Medical & Practical Nursing Students – Prospective students who walk through our school can be informed and connected to the grant giving them one more reason to enroll in our college.
  3. Lucas County Residents – “Walk-ins” to the NOPHC center who qualify for the grant may choose Stautzenberger for their educational needs.

Through this grant, we can make a positive impact on Stautzenberger student retention and provide additional potential students an opportunity to start school that might not otherwise have the opportunity.  Moreover, we are showing the community what our school is all about…adding jobs to the community to make it a better place to live.  To date we have over thirty Stautzenberger students who have completed an application for the grant.  We expect to increase that number to over fifty by next month.
This grant money can be used at our school with the following Stautzenberger programs.

Dental Assisting
Medical Assistant 
Medical Billing & Coding
Practical Nursing 


By Rob Garver

April 5, 2016

sctoday RobRob Garver is a Career Services Director with Stautzenberger College in Maumee, Ohio.  He has five years of higher education experience and over twenty years of sales and marketing experience.  Rob, resides in Northwest Ohio. He holds a BA and a MBA.  Contact: Rob Garver at







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