8 Benefits of Going to a Trade School

Trade school Student team | Stautzenberger College 8 Benefits of Going to a Trade School
On April 08, 2016

For starters, a trade school focuses on the job essentials for training students. The education curriculum of a trade school emphasizes on practical training and knowledge for a career than a general education like a traditional college.

1. Time

A bachelor’s degree typically takes a student 4 or more years to complete verses a trade school, where earning your degree could take 2 years or less! Depending on what program you choose to go into, you could be done with trade school in months! How awesome is that? You will be able to get a head start in the workforce to gain experience and establish yourself.

2. High Demand

 Most programs that trade schools offer are in high demand in the work force. Trade schools like Stautzenberger, will prepare students with the essential skills and hands-on training so they are ready for the work field when they graduate.

3. Money

It costs the average American $127,000 to earn their bachelor degree. At a trade school, it cost the student an average of $33,000 to earn their degree. Depending on what program a student goes into at a trade school, the student will have less debt than will a traditional college student*.

4. Smaller

Career colleges usually have smaller classes for students. Unlike a university, you will not be sitting in large lecture halls with a bunch of strangers! You will be able to get to know each and every one of your peers. With smaller classes, professors are able to give one-on-one attention that each student deserves. Besides, who just wants to be another face in a large room? Not me!

5. Job Experience

You are already one-step ahead of the game! Not only are you getting an education but you are also getting a lot of hands-on training in your area of study. Students who complete their program at Stautzenberger leave the classroom with the confidence and readiness to jump straight into the work force.

6.No Waiting 

With career colleges, there are always multiple start dates for the programs. You do not have to worry about missing the application deadline. Stautzenberger College has new classes beginning every 10 weeks.

7.Career Services

From your first day at Stautzenberger, you will meet and get to know the faces of our Career Services department.  They will help you with resume composition, networking skills, interview skills and much more. Career Services will also help you with job placement after graduation. I graduated from a university and trying to find a job after graduation was like throwing me into a shark tank. I had no idea where to begin. Luckily, for career college students, Career Services will help and guide you along the way of your educational journey. You will not be thrown into the shark tank!

8.Placement Rate

When looking into a trade school, you will know the placement rates of field of study you are interested. Before committing to a school, you will be able to know what your odds are for finding a job when you graduate.

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