A Day in the Life: Healthcare Administration

A Day in the Life: Healthcare Administration
On November 04, 2020

You've wanted a healthcare career for a while now. You've even completed some college courses or earned your diploma. Now, you're considering earning your associate degree to take your career to the next level. My name's Emma, and to help you decide, I'll tell you about my career in healthcare administration.

What's an Average Day Like in Healthcare Administration?

Within healthcare administration, there are many positions you could pursue. For example, you could become a medical assistant, patient services coordinator, or accounts payable specialist. Communication is key to my work, because I regularly interact with patients, hospital staff, and insurance providers. Although my days are often busy, I am happy to meet many new people and assist them as they recover.

What are Employers Looking for in Healthcare Administration Candidates?

No matter what job title you pursue in healthcare administration, customer service skills are essential. Every day, I strive to treat patients with courtesy and answer all inquiries promptly. Computer skills are also helpful as I regularly create invoices, update records, and communicate with other medical personnel and insurance companies via email. Being organized, timely, and detail-oriented are all desirable traits in this career field.  

Why Choose Stautzenberger College?

If you have already earned 52 credit hours in healthcare-related courses, you could complete this associate degree program in as little as seven months! All of the coursework is completed online, allowing you to still work, care for your family, and fulfill other obligations. Courses such as Management for the Healthcare Professional, Technical and Professional Issues in Allied Health, and Digital Communication Strategies could prepare you for your future in healthcare.

Helping patients is my top priority. Even on a hectic day with lots of calls and paperwork, I put everything on hold for a patient in need. Likewise, the instructors and staff members at Stautzenberger College put students first. They're always willing to help you understand an assignment, prepare for a job interview, navigate your financial aid options, or plan your career path. They don't see you as just another student. They view you as the future of healthcare.

If you're ready to earn your associate degree, contact Stautzenberger College today. Call 888.859.8225 or submit the Request Information form online. I hope you'll join me in improving patients' lives!


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