Community Support: MedVet Toledo

Community Support: MedVet Toledo | STAUTZENBERGER COLLEGE Community Support: MedVet Toledo
On November 25, 2015

"I wanted to follow up and give you some feedback from my visits these past 2 weeks. Both times I met with some very promising candidates! I have 3 in particular that we are currently going through the interview process with; Amanda Gecik, Jami Peterson and Sarina Rose. They all stood out to me as great candidates for the position and I am hopeful they will be very successful in their interviews as well. Not at all saying there weren't more that might do well, but those 3 were exceptional and are the ones we are looking at, at least initially. They presented themselves very professionally, showed a lot of potential, had great personalities for our front desk (and hopefully as technicians someday!) as well as some background in customer service that also stood out to me. I am very excited about all 3! I will be sure to follow up and let you know what happens going forward. Thank you again for allowing me to visit!"
— Jeanna Beck, Practice Manager, MedVet Toledo
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