Career Tryout Event Brecksville Campus

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 10:00am

Career Tryout Event Brecksville Campus
Sept 19 - Tuesday 10AM–12PM or 5PM–7PM
Have you been thinking there might be a better career choice for you?  Come to our career tryout event. Reading about the career of your dreams or viewing a video about it is not as informative as doing our career tryout.  Our hands-on format will give you a real feel for the occupation you are considering.
What we have heard from our event attendees at our Sonography program events:
“Unbelievable! This is the kind-of work I could be excited to do every day.”
“This program has so many career tracks, those are the type of options I want in a career.”

Sign Up Now to Reserve Your Spot
Fill out the form on this page or email, include which career tryout event you are interested in (based on our list of programs), your phone number and preferred time you would like to attend, and we will set it up for you!   
*Of course, we would NEVER allow you to put yourself or someone else in danger.

Event Location: 
Brecksville, OH