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Understanding the Important Role of the Sterile Processing Technician

Central Sterile Processing Technology | Stautzenberger College

Although surgeons, surgical technologists, nurses and anesthesiologists are often the more visible providers of safe and superior surgical care, there is a little known group of folks called Sterile Processing Techs who work behind the scenes to perform critical functions in infection control and support the delivery of excellent care and patient safety in today’s modern medical facilities and hospitals.

Best Jobs with an Associate Degree: Surgical Technology (Scrub Tech)

Surgical Technology Technician Team | Stautzenberger College

Many people who work in the medical field will agree that the operating room (OR) is one of the most exciting and rewarding work environments – and a Surgical Technician is an essential part of the dynamic OR team. The breadth of opportunities for career advancement, strong starting wages, and high job satisfaction makes Surgical Technology a strong nominee for Best Jobs with an Associate Degree!

Horse Lovers Can Find Rewarding Careers in Veterinary Technology

Horse Lovers Careers in Veterinary Technology | Stautzenberger College

The field of animal care is as technologically advanced as the human healthcare setting.  Like the healthcare field, the field of modern veterinary medicine relies on qualified professionals and advances in equipment and technology. As part of this, there are many specialties dedicated to ensuring that a wide variety of animals receive the best in care.

Graduate Spotlight: Katelynn Dulinsky

“Hello- Just wanted to give you an update on my interview with AB Science Kinavet. I flew into Utah last night, went to a working type interview at a large distributor rep seminar. Everything went really well and I was offered a job on the spot. I am now the new Great Lakes Region Representative Manager! I got a huge salary increase, company incentives and benefits! I will be traveling 4-5 days a week around the Midwest Region, and I am very excited about this.

Community Support: Dr. Gary Thompson

“The reason we hire Stautzenberger graduates out of the veterinary technology program is largely based to the fact that the training they get, their ability to come out and be ready to step into the practice are both fantastic attributes. Really good people do a really good job and then you couple that with really good training, you get a fantastic outcome. I would put our Stautzenberger graduates up against anybody in the country.”
— Dr. Gary Thompson
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