Veterinary Technician Week

Monday, October 15, 2018 - 12:45am to Friday, October 19, 2018 - 11:45pm

Happy Veterinary Technician Week to all of our Vet Tech students.

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA)  created National Veterinary Technician Week (NVTW). As a member of the veterinary healthcare team, veterinary nurses/technicians are educated in the latest medical advances and skilled at working alongside veterinarians to give pets the best medical care possible.

They work closely with the veterinarians, veterinary assistants, practice managers, and owners to provide essential care to all species of animals; pets with fur, feathers, scales or skin.

NAVTA has proclaimed October 14-20, 2018 to be National Veterinary Technician Week. This annual event recognizes veterinary nurses/technicians for their contributions in pet healthcare, as well as veterinarians, assistants, practice managers and others involved in pet care.

Here at the Brecksville Campus, we will be doing the following to participate in this recognition week for Veterinary technicians:
All events for the week Monday-Thursday will be in the lobby

Monday 12:15-12:30, in the lobby: Recognize and introduce faculty: Please see Kirk to have a photo taken and provide a small bio to display in the lobby
•                   Introduce NAVTA and what does this mean to you.
Tuesday 12:15-12:30 in the lobby: Fun activity day ---Guess the bones in the JAR---winner announced on Friday
•                   Sign up for NAVTA
Wednesday 12:15-12:300 in the lobby: RVT Opportunities and Specialties flyer ----Fishbowl game --winner announced on Friday
•                   Sign up for NAVTA
Thursday 12:15-12:30 in the lobby: Bake Sale proceeds Presentation To Riggi Rescue ---Ms. Zitello
                                                          PIZZA DAY
*All instructors please bring your students out for 15 minutes each day