Overview of a Career in Veterinary Technology
Veterinary technicians spend their careers working to improve the health and happiness of animals and the people who love them.
Horse Lovers Careers in Veterinary Technology | Stautzenberger College
Horse Lovers Can Find Rewarding Careers in Veterinary Technology

The field of animal care is as technologically advanced as the human healthcare setting.  Like the healthcare field, the field of modern veterinary medicine relies on qualified professionals and advances in equipment and technology. As part of this, there are many specialties dedicated to ensuring that a wide variety of animals receive the best in care.

Graduate Spotlight: Katelynn Dulinsky | Stautzenberger College
Graduate Spotlight: Katelynn Dulinsky

“Hello- Just wanted to give you an update on my interview with AB Science Kinavet. I flew into Utah last night, went to a working type interview at a large distributor rep seminar. Everything went really well and I was offered a job on the spot. I am now the new Great Lakes Region Representative Manager! I got a huge salary increase, company incentives and benefits! I will be traveling 4-5 days a week around the Midwest Region, and I am very excited about this.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Veterinary Technology Program

Brecksville, Ohio - February 29, 2016
by John Girard, President, Stautzenberger College, Brecksville Campus

Community Support: Dr. Gary Thompson | Stautzenberger College
Community Support: Dr. Gary Thompson

“The reason we hire Stautzenberger graduates out of the veterinary technology program is largely based to the fact that the training they get, their ability to come out and be ready to step into the practice are both fantastic attributes. Really good people do a really good job and then you couple that with really good training, you get a fantastic outcome. I would put our Stautzenberger graduates up against anybody in the country.”

Community Support: MedVet Toledo | Stautzenberger College
Community Support: MedVet Toledo

"I wanted to follow up and give you some feedback from my visits these past 2 weeks. Both times I met with some very promising candidates! I have 3 in particular that we are currently going through the interview process with; Amanda Gecik, Jami Peterson and Sarina Rose. They all stood out to me as great candidates for the position and I am hopeful they will be very successful in their interviews as well.