Why Study Nursing at Stautzenberger College?

Why Study Nursing at Stautzenberger College?
Posted by Marie
On March 04, 2019
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Why Study Nursing at Stautzenberger College

Whether you are trying to decide which school to attend or are thinking about transferring to Stautzenberger College for Practical Nursing, read why we believe your choice should be Stautzenberger College. 

BREAKING NEWS (March 2019):  Stautzenberger College now could accept up to 20 transfer credits from another school.
1. Pass the boards!  Ultimately, YOUR goal is to pass the boards (NCLEX-PN exam).  Stautzenberger’ s modernized teaching has a proven track record of providing students the skills necessary to pass the boards. 

Congratulations to the last three groups of students at the Maumee Campus who all passed the national
Practical Nursing exam (NCLEX-PN) the first time! The NCLEX-PN stats capture first time test takers that took the 
NCLEX-PN in the following time periods:

1st quarter: 1/1/18 - 3/31/18
2nd Quarter: 4/1/18 - 6/30/18
3rd Quarter: 7/1/18 - 9/30/18

We also have returning graduates, like Kimberly Duncan, who return to Stautzenberger College to help the next generation of licensed practical nurses prepare for the NCLEX-PN exam.   https://www.sctoday.edu/blog/graduate-highlight-kimberly-duncan

2. Concept-Based Curriculum - Stautzenberger teaches a concept-based curriculum.  This means while you are learning cardiovascular in your Fundamentals of Nursing class, you are also learning cardiovascular in your Anatomy, Pharmacology, and Nutrition classes.  This type of learning really ties each concept together and the students are more excited about learning.

3. Fabulous Clinicals - We have a very low student ratio when it comes to our clinicals.  At Stautzenberger you could experience five short clinicals in a variety of setting.  These setting includes areas such as long-term nursing, rehabilitation centers, obstetrics, acute-care settings, and a pediatric clinic rotation.  So, YOU get a great amount of diverse experience in those settings.  And we bring your clinical experiences into the classroom and vis versa.  Students love this type of experience. 
Come in and talk to our nursing staff to

Course Title Contact


BIO110 Anatomy & Physiology 1 30 3.0
BIO120 Anatomy & Physiology 2 30 3.0
BIO130 Anatomy & Physiology 3 30 3.0
BIO140 Anatomy & Physiology 4 30 3.0
CRT101 Critical Thinking 20 2.0
EHR101 Electronic Health Records 30 2.0
NUR100 Fundamentals of Nursing 1 110 8.0
NUR110 Fundamentals of Nursing 2 130 7.0
NUR115 Pharmacology 1: Medication Administration 40 2.0
NUR122 Medical Surgical Nursing 1 140 8.0
NUR125 Pharmacology 2 20 2.0
NUR133 Medical Surgical Nursing 2 150 8.0
NUR135 Pharmacology 3 20 2.0
NUR144 Medical Surgical Nursing 3 150 8.0
NUR150 Maternity and Pediatric Nursing 60 4.0
NUR160 Professional Issues in Nursing 50 4.0
NUR165 Fundamentals of Mental Health 40 4.0
NUT110 Nutrition 1 20 2.0
NUT120 Nutrition 2 20 2.0
NUT130 Nutrition 3 20 2.0
  Grand Total 1,140 79.0