On August 07, 2018

Who's going to repair your home's heating system when winter storms hit? Who can you rely on to maintain your business refrigeration and temperature control systems during peak hours?

No one, unless more positions in this field are filled.

Businesses and homes are growing steadily, but the number of available HVAC/R technicians dwindles. This is great news for you! With your diploma from Stautzenberger College, you could be prepared to enjoy:

• High Wages: Entry-level pay is high compared to many other fields, and your earnings are likely to increase with experience!
• Room for Advancement: Entry-level technicians can receive further education and become managers or business owners.
• Job Security: Due to the widespread prevalence of HVAC/R systems, you will be in demand.
• Intuitive, Hands-On Work: Tackle new challenges and add to your working knowledge of the HVAC/R field.
• Many Branches: There's always more to learn in the HVAC/R field. Study numerous types of systems and equipment to become a versatile technician or specialize in certain areas.
• Utilize Cutting-Edge Technology: As more efficient and environmentally-conscious systems are produced, your tool set will need to upgrade to repair them. Study technological advances and master new devices and programs. 
• Practical Skills: Your knowledge can carry over into real-life situations and allow you to assist friends, family, and neighbors in need.

Why chase jobs with hundreds of applicants when you could be truly needed? If a growing, innovative, and rewarding career is what you seek, contact us today. Become a valued HVAC/R technician and see the difference you make in your customers' lives and your future.

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