We Proudly Present Central Sterile Processing Technician Graduate Linea Banks

We Proudly Present Central Sterile Processing Technician Graduate Linea Banks
On June 21, 2022

Linea Banks is not your typical beginning college student.  A mom and a grandmother, she put off her dream of working in Central Sterile Processing because of her age.  Eventually, she just decided to go for it and now has successfully completed our program.  Not only did she complete the program, but due to our excellent externship program, Linea was offered a job and able to leave the job she had previously to work in her chosen field.  We’re proud of Linea and her hard work and dedication.

What you Learn in Central Sterile Processing

Central Sterile Processing Technicians are responsible for cleaning, packaging, storing and sterilizing the medical instruments and equipment used in the medical field.  In our program, you will take introductory classes like Roles and Responsibilities of the Sterilization Technician, Microbiology for the Sterile Processing Technician and Sterile Storage, Inventory Management, and Distribution.  After many classes, you will also take our 160-hour externship allowing you to experience the field with real-world practice.  We also have you take a 25-hour exam preparation course to be sure you are familiar with the types of questions and information asked of you.  In these courses, you will learn:

  • The history, agencies involved, and correct processes of Central Sterile Processing
  • Microbiology as it interacts with cleaning, storing and caring for medical equipment
  • Environmental concerns and transportation issues involved in Central Sterile Processing

How Our Graduate Became a Central Sterile Processing Technician

If you have always wanted to be involved in some way with the medical field but not directly with patient care, this might be an excellent first choice for you.  Students who leave our program are prepared for an entry-level career in many different medical environments - hospitals, doctor’s offices, and dental offices are just a few examples of places you could work.

Stautzenberger’sCentral Sterile Processing Technician Graduate Program at a Glance

Program Length: 9 months; additional 7 months for a Healthcare Administration AAS
Learning Environment: blended
Link for Lead Instructor Central Sterile Processing

Find out more about our Central Sterile Processing Technician program today. Call 888.859.8225 or submit the Request Information form on our website. We are ready to assist you with completing the enrollment process, navigating your financial aid options, finding a tutor, practicing your interviewing skills, connecting with local employers, and more. Have the courage to accomplish your academic and professional goals!

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