Veterinary Technician Instructor Jeanette Kwiatkowski

Veterinary Technician Instructor Jeanette Kwiatkowski
Posted by Joan
On December 14, 2017
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Nervous about starting school again? Afraid of how harshly your new instructors might grade? Don't worry!
Our spotlight today focuses on Ms. Jeanette Kwiatkowski, the veterinary technician program chair. Her contagious enthusiasm has spread all across campus, with many students declaring her their favorite instructor. Knowledgeable and welcoming, “Ms. K” will always drop what she is doing to join a new student tour and explain labs. 
Ms. K knows how challenging the path to becoming a vet tech might seem, so she strives to make the learning experience both fun and comfortable. Compassionate and caring, it is only fitting that she devotes herself to bettering animals' and students' lives. If you are also passionate about animals, Ms. K is the perfect instructor to help you!
If you want to learn from Ms. K and become a veterinary technician, consider joining our associate program today. To read our top ten reasons to become a veterinary technician, visit us at Fill out our Request Information form or call 888-859-8225. Our next program starts January 2, 2018 so don't wait. Give us a call today!
Veterinary Technician Instructor Jeanette Kwiatkowski teaches how to become a Veterinary Technician at the Brecksville Campus, but you will find great instructors in all our programs at our Brecksville Campus.