Time For a New Career?

Time For a New Career?
On January 06, 2021

If you are contemplating your career currently, you are in good company. As we wind down 2020, many people are reflective about jobs, relationships and lifestyle.  This is often the case in January, as people naturally look back over the past year to see what went well and what could be changed for the upcoming year. However, 2020 was unlike any other and, as a result, more people than ever are considering if a change of career makes sense or if training for a new skill could bring more income opportunities in 2021. We’ve highlighted the strength of the construction industry before, but today we are focusing on a particular job within construction work: HVAC/R technician. Like the rest of the industry, HVAC/R technicians have not seen the slow down that other industries have during the pandemic. If anything, this career field is growing rapidly and finding new technicians that seek both job security and benefits. Here are three reasons HVAC/R technicians are in demand right now: Essential Service

Even during lockdowns, HVAC/R technicians were able to continue working as this was deemed an essential service. That’s because most people and businesses in the US have heat/air conditioning units. When these units have issues, it can disrupt entire households or offices until repairs are made.  That’s what makes HVAC/R service basically “recession proof.” While people may cut costs on entertainment or miscellaneous spending, service or repair work will always be needed.

New Technology

Technology has greatly altered almost every industry over the past two decades, including HVAC/R.  The technology being used in refrigeration and central air systems is becoming more complex. As these systems become more sophisticated and integrate with IoT (Internet of Things), technicians with a more specialized skill are required.  It’s no longer a job that only requires the right tools, but also a solid understanding of electronics and the software within a modern system.

Older HVAC/R Technicians Are Retiring

Just last year, the industry identified that getting new labor into this career field was a challenge. There are far more HVAC/R technicians retiring than starting right now. That, combined with the demand for the work done, means that the opportunity for new technicians is immense.

Start Your HVAC/R Career Here

Becoming a qualified HVAC/R technician can be an exciting and stable career path, especially as the unmet need for qualified technicians grows. If you’re ready to start your journey, start by contacting us with any questions you may have. We are always here to help our past, present and future students!

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