On September 16, 2019

I didn’t understand why I wasn’t accomplishing my major goals. I thought I was doing it right, according to the supposed “goal rules.” I was setting tangible goals, writing them down, going over my list in the morning, etc.

Why wasn’t I able to find time to go to school? I quit after a week. I wanted to start a new career – I really did. Then a friend told me to keep a list for a week of what I was actually doing. Bingo. Here is what I found out:

  1. Once I watch the first episode of a Netflix show, I’m binging the entire series.
  2. I’m a social media junkie.
  3. I’m easily distracted. I can turn buying a pair of sneakers into a six-hour shopping excursion.
  4. I don’t know how to say no. If someone asks me to do something for them, I automatically say yes. I’m doing someone else’s to-do list instead of mine.
  5. My boss makes me think I am irreplaceable. I’m the one he asks to stay late or “just do this little extra over the weekend.” Unfortunately, he pays me a salary that doesn’t reflect being “irreplaceable.”

So what did I do? I decided there were things I was doing that had negative effects on my long-term quality of life. I made a not-to-do list.


  1. No more new series. I’ll just keep up with the current one I love and watch it weekly.
  2. One hour of social media. Seriously, I can catch up in an hour.
  3. Say no when I have homework. Decide my future is important.

I went back to Stautzenberger College (where I initially quit), and nobody was mad! The admissions team members actually told me it happens more often than people realize. They were just so glad to see me again. With their help, I was able to stick to my not-to-do list.

Guess what? I graduated as a medical assistant in November! I can't believe it. I'm so proud of myself! Ten months went by so quickly. You might not believe this, but I enjoyed “learning” more than I enjoyed Netflix.

I decided to share this with others because I wish someone had shared this with me a long time ago. It’s called “pay-it-forward.” Do you have other ideas you think should be on the NOT-TO-DO list? If so, would you please share them to help someone else? Send your tips to our Admission staff:  Brecksville Campus, Maumee Campus, and the blog will be updated with your suggestions. Let the staff know if you want your first name included. Thanks in advance, and I hope my list helps someone else.


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