Meet the Brecksville Campus Admissions Team

Meet the Brecksville Campus Admissions Team
Posted by Joan
On June 18, 2018
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Thinking of starting a program but unsure of the next step? Don't worry—Stautzenberger College's Brecksville campus admissions team has you covered. Prior to applying for admission, you can meet with our representatives to discuss your plans. They can answer your questions about career goals, school requirements, placement assistance, housing, and more. Our team can even aid you in completing application forms and scheduling an appointment with the financing department!

Brecksville's admissions team is comprised of five wonderful representatives:

Yusef Shabazz:  His ability to tap into why students want to change their life is amazing! Yusef  has an excellent rapport with our student population.

Karen Fisher: A Brecksville admissions representative for four years, Karen particularly adores our animal programs. When she is not assisting students, you can find her petting the animals and learning from the veterinary technicians. Her favorite aspects of the job are giving tours and constantly gaining new information.

Mary Simoneau: Part of the team for the last year and a half, Mary finds each day rewarding. The best part of her job is helping students achieve their educational and career goals. She strives to not only show students their potential but empower them to actually reach it. 

Debra Simmons: A recent addition to the Stautzenberger College family, Debra has spent the last four months helping students find their way. For her, there is nothing more satisfying than giving students the tools to grow and change their futures. We look forward to seeing her help even more students as time progresses.

Iram Nadeem: Originally from India, Iram is ecstatic to see a diverse student body at Brecksville. Iram finds fulfillment in seeing our students transform their dreams into realities. Even when her schedule is packed, she makes time to help those who ask.

Ready to make your appointment? Call 440.838.1999 or 888.859.8225 today! Five amazing representatives believe you can reach your chosen career. All that is left is for you to show them that you will.