HVAC Instructor Highlight: Jason Calton

HVAC Instructor Highlight: Jason Calton
Posted by Joan
On May 16, 2018
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You have always preferred hands-on work. You have seen job postings for HVAC technicians. Are you still deciding if HVAC training is right for you? At Stautzenberger College, Maumee Campus, we know that venturing on a new career path may feel unnerving. However, our instructors work hard to provide the knowledge and encouragement you need to earn your new job. Today we would like you to meet Mr. Jason Calton, the Maumee Campus HVAC program chair.  

Mr. Calton entered the HVAC field in 2002 and has never stopped progressing. He started with an associate degree and graduated with his bachelor degree in business and project management in 2014. This May, he will be beginning a master's program. Mr. Calton has held his Universal EPA card for over a decade and is a THACCA (Toledo Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Association) board member. Additionally, he is a member of PRO (Professional Remodelers Association) and HBA (Home Builders Association). He even owns a HVAC business while still being committed to teaching.

Mr. Calton has been an instructor for the last two years. Becoming an educator was never in his plans, but the first time he taught a class, he knew he was exactly where he belonged. One of his favorite parts of teaching is watching students have their “light bulb” moments. This is when what the students have been taught clicks and they then use that knowledge for everyday situations. Seeing students grow into the next generation of HVAC technicians inspired Mr. Calton to continue teaching and become Maumee's HVAC program chair.

Mr. Calton has a relaxed teaching style but holds high expectations for all of his students. He will work with a pupil in any way he can. He cares for everyone in his classes and goes out of his way to connect with them. His “open door” policy ensures students feel welcome to come in and discuss anything. Mr. Calton wants what is best for his students and believes that being accommodating, but authoritative, is how to help them realize their full potential.

Outside of teaching, Mr. Calton is always using his HVAC knowledge and skills. He loves lending a helping hand whether it is for work or the community. In 2010, he received a community citizen award for running volunteer reception for tornado relief in Henry, Lucas, and Fulton counties. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. However, he is most proud of his family and being a father.

To anyone unsure about joining the HVAC field, Mr. Calton offers this advice: To be in the trades field, one needs to be hard-working, reliable, and honest. When working closely with people, building rapport and trust is the key. Employers and customers search for technicians who complete tasks correctly and quickly. If this describes you, then you should also know that there is a constant demand for trades workers. New and young people with trades skills are lacking in today's society, and one of Mr. Calton's greatest joys is helping students be placed into HVAC positions.

If you would like to speak with Mr. Calton, he would be delighted to share more of his story. Please call 888.859.8225 or submit our Request Information form to schedule an appointment. Just as he was unsure about teaching, so you might find that, despite your hesitations, you are ready to flourish in this career field.


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