Happy Best Friends Day

Happy Best Friends Day
On June 08, 2021

June 8th is National Best Friends Day! How will you celebrate those closest to you? While we often think of our friends as people to watch movies, take walks, or talk with, they could also play an important role in our professional lives.

Indirectly, friends could help us progress toward our career goals by inspiring us to improve, stay positive, and recover from rejection. A research study of 75 adults, presented at the annual British Psychological Society conference in May of 2017, showed that those with close, high-quality friendships had higher emotional resilience than their peers.1 Directly, friends could assist our careers by being references, helping us network, and even sharing our career goals. You may have chosen your best friend based on shared common interests. Perhaps you are both looking to enter the same career field.  

At Stautzenberger College, we often see friendships form between students. Many students report that having a friend in the same program gives them not only a study partner but a source of encouragement as well. Sometimes, they request we place them with the same employer after graduation, so they can continue their friendship. Starting a diploma or degree program may seem like a daunting process but remember that you will not go through it alone. Your fellow students, instructors, and the rest of the Stautzenberger College staff are here to support you through the process and help you become the person you hope to be. 

This June 8th, remember to show your appreciation for your friends and all they do for you. If you are considering a new career, share your plans with your friends. You never know how they may be able to assist you. Maybe they also have the same professional goal. If you are searching for a friend to share your career dream, you may find one here.

To learn more about Stautzenberger College's career programs, call 888.859.8225 or complete our Request Information form online. There are many people here ready to walk you through the enrollment and financial aid processes, provide moral support, connect you with new career opportunities, and even become your friends. 

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