Graduate Highlight - Medical Assistant Program - Shanikqua Coogler

Graduate Highlight - Medical Assistant Program - Shanikqua Coogler
Posted by Joan
On December 27, 2018
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“Never stop, even when everything seems to be crumbling.”

Shanikqua Coogler knew first-hand what this phrase meant when she said it. When Ms. Coogler was only sixteen, her mother passed away. Even though she was young, Ms. Coogler believed that if she had known what to do, she might have been able to prevent this tragedy. This conviction led her to pursue a career as a medical assistant.

Even when life was challenging, Ms. Coogler never stopped moving forward. She was inspired by Nicole, Donna, Megan, and Mariann—all instructors at Stautzenberger College's Maumee campus. “I couldn't choose just one,” Ms. Coogler says, “because they all helped me become the Registered Medical Assistant that I am today.” She graduated from the medical assistant program and is ready to care for others in need.

We hope Ms. Coogler's story inspired you. Whether you are interested in medical assisting or one of the many other programs offered at Stautzenberger College, please come in and talk to us today to find your career passion. Call 888.859.8225 or submit our Request Information form to learn more.