Graduate Highlight - Amesha Reed

Graduate Highlight - Amesha Reed
Posted by Marie
On May 24, 2019
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Be inspired by people like Practical Nursing Graduate Amesha Reed, a single mother who worked while attending school.

Who challenges you to attain your goals? Having a friend, family member, or mentor to listen, offer advice, and push you one step further could make the difference in achieving results. For Stautzenberger College graduate Amesha Reed, there were several individuals who helped shape her destiny.

The first person to motivate Ms. Reed to begin a new career was her grandmother. “My grandmother, a retired RN, passed away at the end of year when I began school,” Ms. Reed recalls. “She was a huge part of my success!” Determined to follow in her grandmother's footsteps, she enrolled in the Diploma in Practical Nursing Program at Maumee Campus.

Throughout the program, Ms. Reed was continually encouraged by her instructors. She was most inspired by Mrs. Conalan who “always kept a smile and great energy!” Likewise, Ms. Reed found confidence from those in her first term Critical Thinking class who told her to “Fake it 'til you become it!” With this in mind, Ms. Reed continually studied and improved her skills so that she could be ready to become a licensed practical nurse.

Having support from family, friends, and instructors allowed Ms. Reed to overcome personal challenges she faced during her studies. “I am a single mother who works as well as attends school,” she says. “I've always been the provider for more than just my own home. My support system has been amazing, and I couldn't have done it without my family.” Thanks to their help and her own hard work, Ms. Reed graduated from Stautzenberger College in March of 2019.

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