Graduate Highlight: Alora Drewes - Medical Assistant

Graduate Highlight: Alora Drewes - Medical Assistant
Posted by Joan
On August 17, 2018
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“I love how willing everyone is to help you out.  It feels like a family being at Stautzenberger College.” - Alora Drewes, Medical Assistant

Alora Drewes is now working at Wood County Hospital.  

Is it time for you to: Make a Difference, Not Just a Living!  By simply being compassionate and taking the time to answer questions, you can help relieve your patients' anxieties and help them have the best doctor's visit possible.

Many open job opportunities. Medical assistants are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists medical assistant as one of the fastest-growing occupations at a job increase of twenty-nine percent (29%) over the next decade*.

Fill out our request information form at the top of this page and a representative will contact you.  Our representatives want to listen to you and understand your needs.  

Financial Aid available for those who qualify.


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