COVID-19 Tests Performed by Medical Lab Technicians

COVID-19 Tests Performed by Medical Lab Technicians
On May 13, 2020

Here is just one reason we are so proud of our medical lab technicians! Medical Lab Technicians are on the front line analyzing COVID-19 specimens. 

How are COVID-19 specimens analyzed? Typically, a specimen is collected with a nasal swab. Then the samples are transported to the medical lab technicians in the laboratory. At this time MLT’s can perform a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction). This is a process, by which the virus’s RNA, a molecule that regulates genes, is extracted by Medical Laboratory Technicians, mixed with reagents and placed into a special machine. This is the most common test for Covid-19 nasal swab samples. When the reagents interact with the specimen, technologists are able to determine whether the sample has viral RNA that could indicate the presence of the COVID‐19 virus.

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