4 Qualities of a Great Vet Tech

4 Qualities of a Great Vet Tech
On June 13, 2016

When you first think of a Vet Tech, what comes to mind? Some people think it's playing with puppies and kittens all day.  I mean who are we kidding? That would be the DREAM job, but that isn’t the case. Vet Techs do interact with cats, dogs and different types of animals but they are not just sitting around playing with them all day. Vet Techs have to get down and dirty (literally) dealing with different types of animals during their shifts. Here are qualities that will make you a great Vet Tech.

Be Okay with Getting Dirty

If you like staying neat and clean all day, this profession probably isn’t for you. Like I said previously, you will be working with a lot of different types of animals. Some young, old, sick and healthy. Vomit, poop, and blood are just an example of some of the things you might deal with during your shift as a Vet Tech. You will need to have a strong stomach or learn how to grow accustom to those everyday sightings, because some of it might end up on you!  Better snag a Costco membership and stock up on the detergent.

Be Driven

Think you are just going to breeze through all of your classes without cracking open a book to study? Wrong! Vet Tech is an extremely difficult program. There is a lot of math and science that takes place throughout your courses. Most nights you will have to sit down and go over your notes and what you learned during class that day.  Students need to be driven and have the motivation to succeed.

Be Compassionate

I’m sure many Vet Techs can agree, that the most difficult part of the job is putting an animal down. It is a very emotional time for the pet’s family. Vet Techs need to be able to show compassion and sympathy for the pets owners during this difficult time. Often, it might be too hard on the family to be in the room while the animal is being put down, that is when the Vet Techs need to also be there for the animal as well and let them know that they are not alone when they are being put to rest.

Embrace Change

Vet Tech isn’t your typical 9:00-5:00 office job. As a Vet Tech you need to embrace change. Not every day is going to be the same and that’s what makes it fun! Doing the same ol’ boring routine everyday can become tedious. With the wide variety of animals you may be working with, it keeps your day exhilarating.


Author: Jordan Tomase

Jordan TomaseJordan Tomase has been a member of the Stautzenberger family since February 2015. She enjoys her role as the Community Outreach Coordinator and loves representing her company throughout the Toledo community. Her passions are public relations and social media. Jordan loves learning new things every day to improve herself as a team member to the Stautzenberger family.












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