Ohio Gets One of the Largest Printers in the World

Computer-Aided Drafting Ohio Gets One of the Largest Printers in the World
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On January 24, 2017
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When our President Tanya Foose from Stautzenberger College read in the newspaper about one of the largest printers in the world coming to Akron, Ohio, she went there with her staff to find out how we could train our students to work in this exciting field.

The President of Additive Engineering Solution, Austin Schmidt, not only was interested in the training we do at our college, but allowed us to record a video of him in front of the printer (even before it was fully unpacked).

When you think of Computer-Aided Drafting, also known as CAD, you might think about working with the software that enables people to create drawings that are used in architecture, engineering and manufacturing.  But have you thought about who does the design work for 3D printing?  It’s a computer-aided drafter!


According to Additive Engineering Solution’s website (http://www.additiveeng.com/baam/):

“Our printing capabilities allow us to output up to 80lbs of material an hour at a variety of different nozzle sizes, allowing us to achieve different printed resolutions. This large output allows us to create very large printed parts and tools at a very fast rate.”

Think about the possibilities! 

Additive Engineering Solution’s services offered include (http://www.additiveeng.com/services/):

  • Design Engineering: In order for a part or tool to be printed, it must be re-engineered and optimized for the printing process. During this phase, we will examine the drawing or model and through collaboration with the customer complete a re-design to make a more efficient part.

If this sounds as exciting to you as it does to me, start your training at Stautzenberger College now.  We have two programs to choose from:

And at Stautzenberger College you don’t have to wait to start the program in June, September or January.  We have multiple start dates throughout the year.

Even if you don’t work with Additive’s huge printer, small 3D printers are on the market for less than $200.  What does that mean:

  • You want to create jewelry – print it on your 3D printer first
  • Construction – do you have a tool you invented?  Print your own tool.
  • Design an arm, a leg or other necessary body part.
  • What you create is only limited by your imagination.

We have locations in Brecksville and Maumeee.  Get started today!