A Day in the Life of a Surge Tech-Part 1 of 5

A Day in the Life of a Surge Tech-Part 1 of 5
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On August 08, 2017
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“Okay, so let’s start with the basics. What is the first thing you want to know when setting up your OR?” Leslie looked at her student who was nervously trying to answer but stammering instead. “It’s ok honey. I know you are nervous, but you have been training for this for a while, so, you know the answer” she said with a slight smile. “What do you think you need to ask before even beginning to think about setting up your tray?” Leslie prodded. Ashley stared at her with confidence in her eyes and boldly stated, “You need to know if the doctor is left-handed or right-handed.”
“You are so right!” Leslie exclaimed with pride. “You have to know if your doctor is left-handed or right-handed because they will expect it to be set to their preference. So for Dr. Lewis, you will want to set up right-handed.”
Ashley breathed a sigh of relief. This was her first full week with her preceptor at the hospital, and like any student she was still a little nervous. But she was beginning to feel more comfortable in her new setting. Leslie, her surgical tech preceptor was slender and tall. She seemingly moved about the hallways as if floating over the floor and she had this calming tone that soothed the operating room when she spoke. Having her as an instructor made everything seem so much easier. But, when Leslie was in the OR – she was all business. There was no room for mistakes. Linda made sure that everything was perfect and she expected the same from her students. “But this is so new,” Ashley thought to herself. “How can I ever be as good as her? She seems to know what the doctor wants even before the doctor himself! It would take years to get to that point!” Ashley thought about day that was ahead and started to get worried. She had never been in an actual operating room before and this was going to be life changing. The question now was, how prepared was she to actually be of any use?

To be continued….


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